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B.Ed Course

Aim of the course:

The aim of this course is to challenge students‟ misconceptions related to concepts in science and help them advance towards a better understanding. The students should be encouraged to grapple with the nature of science and relate it with inquiry in this area. They will need a non-threatening space to freely express their ideas about various aspects of the nature of science and reflect on classroom practices based on this understanding. The students should be able to critically reflect on issues of gender and inclusive space in science education.

Aim of the course:

» To encourage students to revisit their own conceptual understanding of science

» To engage students with various aspects of the nature of science.

» To help students understand children‟s ideas in relation to cognitive development and children‟s understanding of scientific concepts.

» To help students select and use appropriate teaching-learning and assessment strategies.

» To enable students to view science as an inclusive and a democratic enterprise.

Total Number of Courses:

» Proficiency in English.

» Pedagogy across the Curriculum.

» Understanding Language and Early Literacy.

» Mathematics Education for the Primary School Child.

» Pedagogy of Environmental Studies.

» Pedagogy of English Language.

» Four optional Pedagogy Courses.

Design of the Course:

» Each unit of study to have a field-based assignment.

» Specific readings are to be used for discussion in groups     enabling a close reading of texts.


Co-Curricular Activities